How to Block Spamming Emails In Hotmail Account
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Spam emails? Means your Hotmail account inbox will be clogged with unsolicited emails. And spamming emails will ruin your day adversely.

Receiving heaps of junk emails in Hotmail account on a daily basis could be quite frustrating for you but you don’t need to be bothered. A simple procedure for blocking spam emails can save you from the headaches of deleting hundreds of junk mails regularly.

To prevent spamming emails follow the instructions as mentioned below.

Instructions to choose the level of Junk mail security:

• Visit: and then log into your Hotmail account on the computer system.

• Then you need to click on the "Options" link and you need to enter on the "More Options" button.

• After that just hit the link that will read "Filters and reporting"

• You need to choose the first 3 buttons for filtering your Hotmail account. They include:

• "Low-Obvious junk e-mail is sent to the junk e-mail folder" along with "Standard--Most junk email is sent to the junk email folder"

• “Exclusive-Everything is sent to the junk email folder except for messages from your contacts and safe senders, Windows Live Hotmail service announcements and alerts that you signed up for.”

• Next, select "Exclusive" choice if you want to get emails from the contacts list.

• Just scroll to the "Delete junk email" heading and you have to choose to send all junk mail to the junk folder.

• You need to scroll to the "Report junk messages" section.

• Choose to report spam emails or to not report the messages rightly.

• Lastly, hit the "Save" button.

Method to block and permit only certain senders:

• Click on the "Options" button from the main Hotmail screen.

• Then hit on "More Options".

• Afterwards enter on the link for "Safe and blocked senders".

• Next, enter the "Safe Senders or "Blocked Senders", Safe Mailing Lists," links.

• You have to type in the email address that you want to add and after enter the "Add To List" button.

• Finally, you have to remove individuals and lists by entering the added email and then hit on the remove choice from list button.

In case you are suffering from a deluge of spam issue, the briefly explained steps will help you in capturing a Spam from your Hotmail account.

If the problem still persists, contact Hotmail customer care service helpline phone number for instant support and resolution.

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